Summer Learnin’ (Have You a Blast)

We’re officially in the Dog Days of August – and we don’t know about you, but we’re more than ready to close the laptop and hit the beach.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few little tips and tricks to keep your language practice going during the last flash of summer. Don’t worry: no flash cards needed.

  • Watch TV (yes, really)! Watching something in another language forces our brains to engage with new vocabulary – even when we don’t realize it! Guess it’s time to binge the new season of Call My Agent or catch up on Squid Game. 
  • Listen to music! Bopping along to your fave multicultural jam is stimulating for your body AND your brain. Naatu Naatu, anyone?
  • Read books! Grab a beach read in your language of choice, or try reading an old favourite in a new target language. How do you say “muggle” in Mandarin? 
  • Get out there and TALK! Of course, there’s no substitute for actually putting yourself out there and having some conversations. Try a new restaurant and practice saying the menu out loud, chat to your multilingual neighbor, or hop on a plane and take an end-of-summer visit! We hear Brazil is lovely this time of year…

Whatever you do, send a pic or tag us @abc_languages so we can join in your learning adventures. See you again in the fall!

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